Touchdown at the HKIA airport ! Hong Kong 4 Days 3 Nights (Day 1)

Well, to take taxi, train or bus? This is the question that everybody ask during their holiday. This time, I bet on MTR (train)! Yup, it was the right bet. As soon as you step out from the plane, their was a MTR ticket counter, just asked from the assistance and they were very helpful. By the way, their English were almost like “kuai-low” (Englishmen).

This time I will be staying at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sha Tin




After get out from Tsing Yi, change train again to Nam Cheong20150501_184350a

Selfie in Tsing Yi


After reaching Nam Cheong, change train again to Hung Nom (if you don’t know, got to the information counter, very easy).

I thought my hotel was in Sha Tin, I got out from their and asked at the information counter, the person just told me that I need to go two more stations at University!

Passed him the ticket, pay add HK2.20150501_185738a

Once reached University, I found this vending machine selling cartridges. 20150501_194001a

From the train station, that’s where I will be staying.20150501_194325a

The University Station

View from my hotel (26th floor). Mountain view20150501_195832a


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