Me, myself and I..

I decided to change my blog in search for World Peace to beautiful places that I have been..

I believe with these beautiful picture that I am putting in my blog able to make all of us realized that we are born and rise in a unique own way..

And none of us are born perfect but we can make this world a better place by understanding one another..

I hope you all will enjoy my beautiful blog..



2 thoughts on “Me, myself and I..

  1. The way I see people PDF Print E-mail
    Posted by Haniza Talha
    Wednesday, 30 January 2008

    By Albert See

    Having been a close follower of Malaysia Today, I decided to write, touching mainly on Malay, Muslim, Jew, Japanese and American.
    Two years ago, I had chicken pox and as an adult, the effect was terrible. At least at the beginning stage, the cyclical fever refused to subside and kept me awake for a few nights with stomach cramps too. I visited my company’s panel doctor and it was diagnosed as low grade fever but cautioned me to watch out for dengue fever if red spots appear.

    Two days later, I went back to the Doctor and told her that it was likely to be a chicken pox instead. I was immunized before, but from the information in the Internet, the vaccine probably is ~80% effective. Yes, the fever was continuous and the drugs were not effective. Unfortunately too I was infected with shingles and this I was told, was probably a deadly mosquito disease. I however decided to check it up at the websites to be better informed and prepared.

    She prescribed a drug called “Acyclovir” and guess what, bulls eye! The fever slowly subsided and so is the red spots count, it stopped growing further but the itch continued for next few days and completely gone after 1 week. As a grim reminder, adult having chicken pox can be life threatening.

    Anyway, I did not blame the doctor for her earlier diagnosis and treatment. However my curiosity was triggered regards this effective drug and its inventor, Gertrude Elion. Yes, she is a lady and she shared the Nobel Prize in 1988 with George Hitchings and James W Black. Regrettably, she lost her husband rather tragically at a young age. Hence she focused her attention in the field of biochemistry and the world of drug design were changed forever. She invented 4 key drugs in addition to the many more she co-invented. This is quite a feat especially for a lady working in the era when few females ever excelled and interestingly too, she is a Jew. This is where my story begins.

    Anyway, back home in Malaysia when ever we turn on our TV and almost all the time we hear, some regular news and quotes, such as, “Regim Yahudi sekali lagi …. blah” or “Regim Israel…blah”. This is a common news on our daily TV3 and RTM nightly news.

    It is always reported that the Palestinians are exploited by the Jews etc. This is also how I grew up to hate the Jews from a young age. It was not until I met a few Jews during my overseas assignments and studies that I found that the Jews were not, what I was made to believe here at home. In fact every Jew that I met out there, eventually become a good friend of mine. In fact I joined them in several intellectual debates. Yes, the so-called, “evil Jew” managed to convert me to believe in them after a string of intellectual arguments. Why?

    In answer to my question above, here are some of the reasons. Some of the debates and arguments though were obviously intellectual but simple and yet sincere, genuine and true. These and several unintended responses, actions and stories they told me, caught my attention and my rationality going.

    One of them who happen to have been involved in the 6 days war told me, that the situation then was economically tight and they could not figure out as to why the Arab Muslims wanted to evict them (the Jews) from their own land. Quote “Of all the Arab land, almost every square inch has oil except for that miserable piece of land of ours that do not have anything but sand, and yet everyone wanted us out of there. History tells us that we were there at least 600 years earlier but the Arabs never recognized the history, calling it “dark ages” and whatever happened before must be denied”. Apart from that, he did not tell me how much they hate the Palestinians or what the Palestinians did to hurt their people, like the way our RTM news projects. Isn’t this surprising?

    One of them told me, “When you are outnumbered by those who want to gun you down or want you dead, what do you use? Our brains. Yes, of course, that was the choice we had”. Hence that survival instinct made them excel in everything they did. They too have brains just like the others but the instinct of wanting to survive, got them to working for their future. This student friend of mine and whose father was born in the Concentration Camp in Poland, and with whom I have since lost contact, told me the above story.

    Another friend told me this, “make no mistake, what we are experiencing in our land, is between the Israelis and the Palestinians, we are not at war with the Muslims”. He is a US citizen working as a Manager, is also from Israel. He has visited Malaysia earlier. One final word he had for me, was this request to visit Israel when I have a chance, It is a beautiful place where buildings of more than a few hundreds years are always within reach”. Yes, those were the kind words he had for me. Usually we were very reluctant to talk about the Israeli and Palestinian politics or of their war. My Israeli friends, rarely talk or comment about the way the Arabs treat the Israelis or a Jew or for that mater of a German. However, in between the lines I gathered as to how the Jews were at that time prepared to blow up Deutschland (Germany) and become martyrs.

    Some of them were born in concentration camps, and they told me how thankful they were when their parents ended up at the Shanghai Ghetto and managed to live through the war, alive.

    Some of the experiences the Jews went through, a good example being Gertrude obviously tells us why the Jews became so successful in their lifetime. They do not see a Muslim or anyone else, as the pretext to their own failures or sufferings and do not use hatred to fuel their purpose of life. They knew the world is imperfect as it appears day by day, but they seek to contribute their effort to make it better, bit by bit. That is why they get to rule the world by their contributions even though their population is a sheer fraction, in contrast to the Arabs. Saudi Muslims, treat their wives like half human beings by striping away their rights and dignity. The men do not allow their ladies to drive even though we are into our third millennium. Under these circumstances, how can Saudi Arabia or the Arab world churn out a woman with the caliber of Gertrude to excel for humanity?

    In 1963, a famous Japanese song by the name Sukiyaki reached the top chart in the USA. Sukiyaki sung by the Japanese singer, Kyu Sakamoto in Japanese. Now you might be wondering that despite the Americans having dropped two atomic bombs that killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese near Nagasaki and Hiroshima and within 18 years later, how on earth one would reciprocate that deed by dedicating a nice song back to that same American Pop culture. For Americans, how would you expect anyone to buy records from someone that sneaked up and bombed their Pearl Harbour yet both the Japanese and the Americans, they got over that part of their history and looked forward to creating a better world and a peaceful future. They do not harbour grudges from middle ages like the desert land Muslims, keep talking about Christian Crusades day in day out and they further teach their young ones to hate each other. Resort to name calling like pigs and apes.

    Now I wish to voice out of what I am experiencing here in our motherland Malaysia.

    Someone once raised a kris and said the following, quote, “Malay” will never be wiped off the face of the earth – End quote.

    False. Malay will be wiped off the face of the earth for sure, but the question is perhaps, how and by whom? Is it by the Chinese, is it by the Indians ? is it by the Orang Asli or is it by the Kadazans? No. Malay will be wiped out by the Arabs through their Islamic influence.

    Yes, I realised this thought, when you wrote heavily about the Arabization of Malaysia. I recalled a mosque which was built near my house that looked like an Orthodox Russian Church. Now there is no difference between them as they all look alike. Thanks to globalization, we imported all the essential elements of that religion, to replace our very own Malayness.

    The beautiful figure hugging “Kebaya” is not seen anymore to accentuate the beauty of our Malay women. The approved dress today, is black dress to cover most or the whole body. They rarely are seen to be happy and smiling as it is real hot within, (like being cooked in a pot) with the heat of the hot and humid tropical weather. Despite the uncomfortable feeling yet they put their heads down whenever they saw a man and have their own head wrapped in hijab. Their confidence and dignity of womanhood was taken away from them hence they dare not look up to the world. As for the man, the handsome looking Malay gentleman, wearing a songkok are not much around now because they too have started growing beard, to look like Osama bin Laden, and dress like the Arabs in the streets.

    Gone are the days when we had someone talented like P. Ramli, when work of arts were appreciated and their songs were sung all over the air waves. Now you hear more often of solat calling to “sembayang” or for someone’s “ceramah” in heated tone on radio about how Muhammad endured his miserable life back then. Gone were days when we addressed our letters to our Malay friends and as Ali, Azhar and Amin. Now you see in email distribution list are names like Muhammad this and Muhammad that. The Malay has essentially been wiped out of our own culture and replaced it with Muhammad’s life at their whims and fancies.

    History is created as we live but if the Malays choose to wipe it away in favor of Islam, do not blame others when they finally have lost that identity. Furthermore, Malays are probably better off keeping to their own businesses and taking care of their own country with their fellow Indians, Chinese and orang Asli friends. It’s no point trying to side with the suicidal brothers of that far away land, where they are hardly able to take care of their own sewage problems. (Hamas ruled Gaza, had a sewage plant burst due to massive overloading). It’s futile because they chose to use the aid given to them to fire rockets into Israel and pay suicide bombers to create orphans.

    Everyday listening to Muhammad’s life story replayed is not doing any good either, having a religion does not automatically elevate them to moral, high ground. Our crime rate is all time high too. Once a Malay friend told, he only wears old slippers to the mosque on Fridays because he had a pair of expensive Nike shoe stolen once, of course by another fellow Muslim brother who also prayed in the same mosque. Non-Muslims dare not get close to any mosque on Fridays, it’s a big risk to their own safety.

    I also have a request, for those clerics, who preach. Please preach some fundamental moral values such as respect for women, stealing people’s things which includes corruption and murder or killing. This should not be done. Not even in the name of Jihad or religion. It’s time to ignore some of the badly written clauses inside the Quran that incites violence towards others.

    At least for the sake of Islam and its followers!

    Modern day internet, Microsoft word and email are all programmed with grammar and spelling edits yet it can easily cause misunderstandings, therefore it is highly doubtful of a book that was recorded through the word of mouth, could have been accurately recorded with proper, definite and accurate interpretations.

    Malays have their own life and culture that is beautiful and unique to Malaysia, and of course these are treasured by their own kinsmen and also people of other races. They should be forward looking, and contribute towards making this green piece of our beautiful land, a much better place to live rather than trying to imitate those suicidal acts of those people in the Desert Land. Learn to appreciate the good in people and discard their bad examples and value all those positive views about the others because they too are working hard for the benefit of all people.

  2. To Albert See
    Muhammad is a name of a Prophet.

    Ali is his son in law.

    Amin is actually is Muhammad’s nickname (Muhammad Al-Amin is Muhammad the Truthful).

    Azhar, is actually an arabic word for “Flower”
    (In Islam you can name your son / daughter in any name, in any language, provided it has good meaning. Flower is considered good in many culture, so, there are many people are named Azhar. On top of that, if you are Chinese-Muslim@India Muslim@ Orang Asli-Muslim, you dont have to change yout name if your name has good meaning. You can even retain your family name.

    So, all of the names mentioned is Arabic name. I repeat, Arabic name.

    Then, what’s is the different if they are many person are named Muhammad?

    My conclusion, you just write based on your emotion. You do not study before you write. Even the simplest and the most non-sensitive part in your posting, which is about name. So, even if the simplest one you just write without proper knowledge, I doubt the heavy one in your post is true @ genuine @ is written with proper study. Please note that, I dont say your posting is not true @ not genuine @ not written with proper study, but I doubt it. Why? Sebab nama arab dan nama melayu pun xreti nak beza. Nak tau nama Melayu yang sebenar? Do your study laaaaaaaa

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