Siem Reap, Cambodia (Soul Searching) 22-Nov-2017 – Day 01

Not like any other trip before, this was a spiritual trip for me. Trying to get back to reality of life before it took away my senses.

Day 01 – Landed in Siem Reap airport. Taking a tut-tut ride is at least one-time MUST in Cambodia. Experiencing tasting the dust on our face and mouth.

Tips While you are booking your hotel online, you can asked for the hotel to arrange pick-up. you can save about US$5 here!



If you ask me about ONE advise, I would say be cautious of  what you eat. Please be very cautious of the food consumed, especially those street foods. It might look delicious but the hygiene are questionable. Bring along some medicine just in case you contracted food poisoning.

If it is not getting any better, please go to the “reputable” hospital. Don’t think about the money you are going to save.


Shell marinate with salt and chili

This kind of old fashion market hardly can be found in the city. Most likely, next 30 years these kind of markets will no longer existed.



Angkor Market I


Angkor Market II

With modern architectures and shops coming in, developments are taking over the places.


Central Cafe in Siem Reap I – The decor is world class


Central Cafe in Siem Reap II – No air condition 


Central Cafe in Siem Reap III – Lovely couple enjoying while looking outside


Central Cafe in Siem Reap IV – While waiting for the tut-tut picking me up.