Hong Kong 4 Days 3 Nights (Day 1) – Dinner

Check into the hotel, it was around 9.00pm and still haven’t got my dinner. I went down and check out the restaurant but it is all high-class food. I asked the staff where can I have dinner beside in the hotel, she told me I can have it at Sha Tin.

I was worried that the MTR will stop but she told me it will operates until mid-night. Sound good, I walked to the MTR station and hop-in the train.

And I was rounding looking for dinner, the places were packed with people and then I settle down with a restaurant called “Bene Italian”…

Most of the food in the menu were sold out, so I had to try the food less favorite but still it is good.


The pasta was so yummy…


Seafood salad (ok only..) the squid is not that fresh.


The environment of the restaurant after people left (it was around 10pm already!) + my ice lemon tea with fruits


The dessert were superb…


My approval that the pasta, drink and dessert were god good!


Tooth-pick with style…


It is located in Sha Tin, ground-floor. Highly recommended.

Here is the address: Shop 103A, 1/F, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin

**The food in HK is not cheap, per meal is about HK100 (RM50).


Touchdown at the HKIA airport ! Hong Kong 4 Days 3 Nights (Day 1)

Well, to take taxi, train or bus? This is the question that everybody ask during their holiday. This time, I bet on MTR (train)! Yup, it was the right bet. As soon as you step out from the plane, their was a MTR ticket counter, just asked from the assistance and they were very helpful. By the way, their English were almost like “kuai-low” (Englishmen).

This time I will be staying at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sha Tin




After get out from Tsing Yi, change train again to Nam Cheong20150501_184350a

Selfie in Tsing Yi


After reaching Nam Cheong, change train again to Hung Nom (if you don’t know, got to the information counter, very easy).

I thought my hotel was in Sha Tin, I got out from their and asked at the information counter, the person just told me that I need to go two more stations at University!

Passed him the ticket, pay add HK2.20150501_185738a

Once reached University, I found this vending machine selling cartridges. 20150501_194001a

From the train station, that’s where I will be staying.20150501_194325a

The University Station

View from my hotel (26th floor). Mountain view20150501_195832a

Boracay Island, Philippines (19 – 24 October 2104) – Day 1 & 2

Not much on day one as I arrived in the afternoon where 6pm was already dark here.

Landed in Kalibo Airport (4 hours flight from K. Lumpur to Kalibo).

Have to take a cab for about 1 1/2 hours to the Jetty.

Another 15 minutes by ferry to Boracay.

Staying in Station 3 – Hey Jude Resort Hotel.


The island is divided into three main stations ( 1, 2 and 3).

After check-in, walking to find food…

Andok’s is like Philippine’s KFC nice when it is hot


Their logo.


Look who I met in Boracay; Mr. McD


Drop by Starbucks to get my “must-get-thing”…


View from breakfast


Sunrise on 20-Oct-2014


Sunrise – Fish eye view (Using sport camera)


The Sun, the sea and the sand…


Early birds


Some photo editing to make the view looks blue…


Enjoying lunch at D’ Talipapa.

You can buy the seafood at the market and get the nearby restaurant (Plato D’ Boracay) to cook it.




Lobster cheese


Steam corn with cheese powder.

The sweet corn in Malaysia is better.


Dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

The Charlie Chai noodles was salty.



Best Seller – New York Classic Pizza (Nothing Special)


Conclusion / Tips

*Don’t expect to have a very good food here.

*Things are bit expensive here (A can of coke P40 = RM3.00). Double the price in Malaysia.

*There were plenty of tour guys in front of the hotel waiting to propose day activities for you. Choose wisely, you can ask for best rate!