United Nation of Gods

May I know who is the top weapon supplier in the world?

May I know who have the most advance technology in defense?

May I know who supply weapon to the terrorist?

May I know why the terrorist hates the US so much?

May I know which religion teaches to hate?

May I know how it feels like to take another life?

May I know what time God will arrive and safe the world?

Or we just have to do it all by ourselves?

Gods are in the meeting right now, they have their own UNG = United Nation of Gods.

Looking down at us, thinking when is the right time to show Their powers.

Is Hurricane is enough?

Or you want a earthquakes?

You want Us to spread an outbreak?

Or you want Us to create hunger?

One of the Gods said, “Our Children create this and just let’s them solve their own problems”

“If we keep on helping them, our children will never learn” He concluded.

We have taught them to love but our children choose to hate.

We have given them priceless life but our children choose to kill.

We have given them the beautiful green forest but our children cut the trees down.

We have given them water but our children polluted it with poison.

We have given our children everything but they don’t know how to cherish it.

And when they meet Us, they are still not satisfies.

All of our children want to go to Heaven but what have they done?

Why is our children is so full of hate?

We didn’t teach them that.

That’s what the Satan wants it.

Satan is very happy now because our children are killing each other.

There will be more slaves in hell.

Satan wants to prove to God that he can rule the world with hate and greed.

God is never far behind from us, He is always watching over us.

If we don’t help ourselves, how can He help us?

God always teaches Love & Sharing.

Don’t ever forsake Him, as He will never give up on us.

He might have different names but the teaching he tough is the same.

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