Destination: Burger Junkyard 30-11-2013

I, myself have been really a burger addict since teen. The best burger I ever tasted was a stall in front of Pudu bus station (Malaysia) about 20 years ago.

Ever since I could not find any other burger like the one in Pudu.

I have searched many place in Malaysia, I have tried Crayon burger in Subang Jaya, I have tried Burgerlabs in Petaling Jaya and I have tried many street burgers.

But the best I have tried so far is this one. Why? Because it is simply made for burger lover like me.

I am not trying to brag or promote this place and I don’t get paid for blogging about them.

Before I forget, let me give you the address first:-

Address: Kota Damansara 16, Jalan PJU 5/20D, The Strand, Petaling Jaya, 47810

You will get a mice with number (waiting for your burger). The waitress was friendly, explaining what is nice in BJ (Burger Junkyard).


My mice and A&W root beer (No. 10)


The counter


The Deco





Mine called the Vampire Slayer. Why? Because lots of garlic in it!


You can add egg and bacon..20131130_133620a

Ok, I must admit that I can’t wait to taste my burger..But someone insist of taking this pic first…

20131130_133648a High on burger20131130_133709a

One bite, the juice were flowing down like waterfall.. first time of sensation..

If you want to feel what is called “food orgasm”, you must come here..20131130_133713a

The kitchen.. Teamwork20131130_135728a

The sign..


The look of the restaurant from the outside